Here you can find the list of Policies that Kuma supports.

Going forward from version 2.0, Kuma is transitioning from source/destination policies to targetRef policies.

The following table shows the equivalence between source/destination and targetRef policies:

source/destination policy targetRef policy
CircuitBreaker MeshCircuitBreaker
FaultInjection MeshFaultInjection
HealthCheck MeshHealthCheck
RateLimit MeshRateLimit
Retry MeshRetry
Timeout MeshTimeout
TrafficLog MeshAccessLog
TrafficMetrics MeshMetric
TrafficPermissions MeshTrafficPermission
TrafficRoute MeshHTTPRoute
TrafficTrace MeshTrace
ProxyTemplate MeshProxyPatch

If you are new to Kuma you should only need to use targetRef policies. If you already use source/destination policies you can keep using them. Future versions of Kuma will provide a migration path. You can mix targetRef and source/destination policies as long as they are of different types. For example: You can use MeshTrafficPermission with FaultInjection but you can’t use MeshTrafficPermission with TrafficPermission.