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Contribute to Kuma

There are multiple ways to make an impact in Kuma


You can join the slack channel or the community meetings as shown in the community section.


You can edit this documentation. To do so checkout the getting started doc.

Core Code

Most of Kuma is in Go. Checkout the contributing documentation on how to get started.

GUI Code

The UI is in Vuejs and Checkout the repo to see how to contribute.

Testing unreleased versions

Kuma publishes new binaries for every commit. There’s a small script to download the latest version:

curl | VERSION=2.6.9 sh -

If you already know the version you can use the installer:

curl | VERSION=kuma-0.0.0-preview.4d3a9fd03 sh -

It outputs:

Getting release

INFO	Welcome to the Kuma automated download!
INFO	Kuma version: 0.0.0-preview.vbda3bc4bd
INFO	Kuma architecture: amd64
INFO	Operating system: darwin
INFO	Downloading Kuma from:

You then run kumactl with:


Note that the version contains the commit short-hash which is useful if you open issues.