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Install kumactl

This how-to guide explains how to install kumactl in your environment.

kumactl is a CLI tool that you can use to access Kuma. It can do the following:

  • Perform read-only operations on Kuma resources on Kubernetes.
  • Read and create resources in Kuma in Universal mode.

The kumactl binary is a client to the Kuma HTTP API.

Download Kuma:

Make sure you have tar and gzip installed.

Run the following script to automatically detect the operating system and download Kuma:

curl -L | VERSION=2.2.4 sh -

You can omit the VERSION variable to install the latest version.

Add the kumactl executable to your path:

cd kuma-2.2.4/bin

Next steps

After you’ve installed kumactl, you can deploy Kuma in standalone or multi-zone mode in either Kubernetes or Universal.