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  • zone (optional)

    Zone field contains Zone name where ingress is serving, field will be automatically set by Global Kuma CP

  • networking (required)

    Networking defines the address and port of the Ingress to listen on. Additionally publicly advertised address and port could be specified.

    • address (required)

      Address on which inbound listener will be exposed

    • advertisedAddress (required)

      AdvertisedAddress defines IP or DNS name on which ZoneIngress is accessible to other Kuma clusters.

    • port (required)

      Port of the inbound interface that will forward requests to the service.

    • advertisedPort (required)

      AdvertisedPort defines port on which ZoneIngress is accessible to other Kuma clusters.

    • admin (optional)

      Admin contains configuration related to Envoy Admin API

      • port (optional)

        Port on which Envoy Admin API server will be listening

  • availableServices (optional, repeated)

    AvailableService contains tags that represent unique subset of endpoints

    • tags (optional)

      tags of the service

    • instances (optional)

      number of instances available for given tags

    • mesh (optional)

      mesh of the instances available for given tags

    • externalService (optional)

      instance of external service available from the zone

Last Updated: 10/26/2022, 10:13:28 AM