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Kuma data collection

Kuma collects some data about your deployment by default. The collected data is sent to Kong servers for storage and aggregation. You can disable data collection when you install the control plane.

Disable data collection on Kubernetes

  1. Set the following environment variable:

  2. Specify the environment variable when you install the control plane. See the configuration docs for details.

Or you can set the reports.enabled field to true in the config YAML file.

What data is collected

Data field Definition
version The installed version of Kuma you’re running
product Static value “Kuma”
unique_id Control plane hostname + randon UUID, generated each time control plane instance is restarted
backend Where your config is stored. One of in memory, etcd, Postgres
mode One of standalone or multizone
hostname The hostname of each Kuma control plane you deploy
signal One of start or ping. start sent when control plane starts, then ping once per hour
cluster_id Unique identifier for entire Kuma cluster. Value is the same for all control planes in the cluster
dps_total The total number of data plane proxies across all meshes
meshes_total The total number of meshes deployed
zones_total The total number of zones deployed
internal_services Tne total number of services running inside your meshes
external_services The total number of external services configured for your meshes
services_ total The total number of services in your mesh network
Last Updated: 10/26/2022, 10:13:28 AM