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  • sources (required, repeated)

    List of selectors to match dataplanes that are sources of traffic.

  • destinations (required, repeated)

    List of selectors to match services that are destinations of traffic.

  • conf (required)

    Child properties:

    • connectTimeout (optional)

      ConnectTimeout defines time to establish connection

    • tcp (optional)

      Child properties:

      • idleTimeout (required)

        IdleTimeout is defined as the period in which there are no bytes sent or received on either the upstream or downstream connection

    • http (optional)

      Child properties:

      • requestTimeout (optional)

        RequestTimeout is a span between the point at which the entire downstream request (i.e. end-of-stream) has been processed and when the upstream response has been completely processed

      • idleTimeout (optional)

        IdleTimeout is the time at which a downstream or upstream connection will be terminated if there are no active streams

    • grpc (optional)

      Child properties:

      • streamIdleTimeout (optional)

        StreamIdleTimeout is the amount of time that the connection manager will allow a stream to exist with no upstream or downstream activity

      • maxStreamDuration (optional)

        MaxStreamDuration is the maximum time that a stream’s lifetime will span

Last Updated: 10/26/2022, 10:13:28 AM