We are very proud to announce some very important community updates for Kuma, with the goal of making Kuma more open and more inclusive to the broader open source ecosystem:

  • An open governance policy
  • Bi-weekly community calls

Open Governance

The Kuma project now ships with open governance guidelines! This makes Kuma the only Envoy-based control plane for service mesh with an open governance policy in the CNCF landscape.

The open governance policy was merged last week into “master” and provides guidelines to elect new maintainers of the project from the community. You can read the new governance policy here.

With this change, we commit to making Kuma a good OSS citizen in the community and providing a path to become maintainers to anybody who is a contributor to the Kuma project’s success and a citizen helping the project succeed.

Community Calls

In order to provide a regular forum for maintainers, contributors and end-users of Kuma to meet, talk and be more productive and open together, we are starting regular remote meetings twice a month (every two weeks).

To participate in the Kuma community meetings: Add to Calendar

The goal of these meetings is to share thoughts and ideas, talk about the Kuma roadmap and create a more inclusive community that can work together to create the best and most open control plane for service mesh that the entire ecosystem – and industry – can use.

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