We are happy to announce the general availability of Kuma 0.7! This is very big release that includes countless improvements and updates, specifically when it comes to multi-zone deployments configuration and Kubernetes deployments. We strongly suggest to upgrade to this new version while paying attention to a few breaking changes that 0.7 introduces.

Notable Improvements in 0.7

  • A new “Zone” resource to add remote CPs without restarting the global CP
  • An upgraded ProxyTemplate policy to enable better fine-tuning of the underlying Envoy filters
  • Support for StatefulSets to run a service mesh across every service like RabbitMQ and Cassandra
  • Upgraded “kuma-dp” to Envoy v1.15 (which also unlocks dynamic tracing configuration)
  • A new “kuma.io/*” prefix for Kuma tags like “kuma.io/service”, “kuma.io.protocol” and “kuma.io/zone”
  • Numerous bug fixes and improvements

For a complete list of features and updates, take a look at the full changelog.

Kuma Multi-Zone Deployment

Since version 0.6.0, Kuma supports multi-zone deployments to run a service mesh across multiple clouds, multiple clusters and even multiple architectures (Kubernetes + VMs). When Kuma is deployed in a multi-zone deployment mode, it supports global/remote control plane replication, automatic service discovery, and abstracted connectivity from one zone to another.

Engineered with enterprise architects in mind, the Kuma community has built a powerful architecture to support every team in the organization in a way that no other service mesh can match: give it a try.

Kuma is a CNCF Sandbox Project

In case you missed the news, Kuma is now a CNCF donated project and the 1st Envoy-based Service Mesh to be part of the foundation! CNCF is a neutral home for Kuma and we welcome contributors to help make Kuma the best Service Mesh available in the landscape.

Community Calls + Slack

Join us on our community channels to learn more about Kuma, including our official Slack chat! The community channels are useful to get up and running with Kuma, as well as to learn how to contribute to and discuss the project roadmap. Kuma is a CNCF Sandbox project, and we welcome everybody to contribute and ask questions.

The next community call will be hosted on August 5th at 8:30am PDT. Also don’t forget to follow Kuma on Twitter!


Be sure to carefully read the Upgrade Guide before upgrading Kuma.

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