The Kuma team is happy to welcome Austin Cawley-Edwards (@austince) as a maintainer. Currently, Austin is at FinTech Studios and represents part of the Kuma user community’s breadth as it grows during the CNCF incubation process.

From Austin

As a user of Kuma, I am honored to join such a community-committed team.

I first came across Kuma as my team built out our cloud-native infrastructure on Kubernetes. We were designing connectivity around our new clusters and fell in love with the Kong’s simplicity and native k8s ingress controller. Once external traffic was secure, we started facing similar problems connecting, securing, and monitoring our internal services, as well as the legacy systems we’ve built up. We were happy to find Kuma and its similar commitment to usability, flexibility, and community. And, of course, performance.

At FinTech Studios, we heavily invested in Helm, one of the most popular deployment methods for Kubernetes, for continuous deployment of all of our Kubernetes applications. My contributions to Kuma started out of a (self-interested) desire to bring Helm support to the project and found these goals aligned with the community. I found great conversation, leadership, and openness about the project’s process in the community. And such talent! It’s hard to keep up with the great work happening here – nothing like working around smart, kind people.

I look forward to helping shape Kuma’s deployment methods and spreading support for this universal connectivity problem we all face. Everyone’s deployment landscape looks different! Making Kuma accessible to any deployment pattern, environment, and user is where I’ll be – hope to see you there!

To see how we’ve adopted Kuma inside FinTech Studios, please check out my talk at Kong Summit: Day 0 to Day 2 with Kuma, Helm, and Kubernetes!

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