Today, we’re thrilled to release Kuma 0.3, our open source control plane with brand new traffic routing capabilities. Kuma’s new L4 traffic routing rules allow you to easily implement blue/green deployments and canary releases. In summary, Kuma will now alleviate the stress of deploying new versions and/or features into your service mesh. Let’s take a glimpse at how to achieve it in our sample application:

This sample application has three versions of the backend API. To slowly roll out our change and ensure nothing breaks for the end-user, utilize Kuma’s new traffic routing policy.

  - match:
      service: frontend
  - match:
      service: backend
    - weight: 80
      service: backend
      version: '0.0'
    - weight: 20
      service: backend
      version: '1.0'
    - weight: 0
      service: backend
      version: '2.0'

Like many other Kuma policies, you specify a source and destination service. However, with traffic routing, the policy includes an additional conf section where users specify how they want traffic to be routed. We will match the source to our frontend service, and the destination to our backend API service. Then, we give the corresponding weights to the following backend API service: 80 to v0, 20 to v1, and 0 to v2.

This allows us to slowly roll out traffic to the new backend API services. A simple yet powerful policy enables you to add canary deployment into your workflow!

We have many new features included in the 0.3 release. Please check out the Changelog to learn more about what the community has accomplished.

Community Highlight

(Pradeep, Community Contributor, and Kevin, Kuma’s Developer Advocate)

Speaking of community accomplishments, every release is made possible by contributors in the open source space. I had the privilege to meet Pradeep (@pradeepmurugesan) in London. He created the kumactl delete command feature. With his contribution, you can now delete Kuma resources using kumactl. We would also like to feature the following contributors for their contributions:

  • @alrs (It was great meeting you at KubeCon!)
  • @sterchelen
  • @programmer04
  • @Gabitchov

You all rock! We are finalizing your limited edition contributor shirts, so be on the lookout for those 🙂 And for folks looking to join the Kuma rockstar list, check out Kuma’s open issues on GitHub, and let us help you get started.


We’ll be hosting our next online Meetup on December 10 at 10:00 AM PST. Please sign up here! We would love to have each and every one of you join. In the meantime, try out Kuma and let us know what your thoughts are!

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