# RateLimit

  • sources (required, repeated)

    List of selectors to match dataplanes that rate limit will be applied for

  • destinations (required, repeated)

    List of selectors to match services that need to be rate limited.

  • conf (required)

    Configuration for RateLimit +required

    Child properties:

    • http (optional)

      The HTTP RateLimit configuration +optional

      Child properties:

      • requests (required)

        The number of HTTP requests this RateLimiter allows +required

      • interval (required)

        The the interval for which requests will be accounted. +required

      • onratelimit (optional)

        Describes the actions to take on RatelLimiter event +optional

        Child properties:

        • status (optional)

          The HTTP status code to be set on a RateLimit event +optional

        • headers (optional, repeated)

          The Headers to be added to the HTTP response on a RateLimit event +optional

Last Updated: 11/22/2021, 4:36:48 PM