# Enterprise

Kuma has been created at Kong (opens new window) from the experience and feedback of 150+ enterprise organizations implementing Service Mesh and Microservices within both new and existing architectures.

Kong is and always has been a proud contributor of open-source software. That knowledge and expertise has been leveraged to open-source Kuma to the community, so that any team and any developer in the world can download and run a modern Service Mesh in production.

We also understand how critical and how important it is to have a dedicated relationship for support SLAs, implementation and customization, therefore we offer an Enterprise package that can be explored for mission-critical deployments. This package integrates with the Kong Service Control Platform to provide a full-cycle API and Microservices management platform for the entire organization.

You can explore the Enterprise offering by requesting a demo.

Last Updated: 6/3/2020, 12:46:58 AM