# Fine-tuning

# Postgres

If you choose Postgres as a configuration store for Kuma on Universal, please be aware of the following key settings that affect performance of Kuma Control Plane.

  • connectionTimeout : connection timeout to the Postgres database (default: 5s)
  • maxOpenConnections : maximum number of open connections to the Postgres database (default: unlimited)

# connectionTimeout

The default connectionTimeout will work well in those cases where both kuma-cp and Postgres database are deployed in the same datacenter / cloud region.

However, if you're pursuing a more distributed topology, e.g. by hosting kuma-cp on premise and using Postgres as a service in the cloud, the default connectionTimeout might no longer be enough.

# maxOpenConnections

The more dataplanes join your meshes, the more connections to Postgres database Kuma might need to fetch configurations and update statuses.

The default maxOpenConnections (unlimited) allows Kuma to make better use of all available resources.

However, if your Postgres database (e.g., as a service in the cloud) only permits a small number of concurrent connections, you will have to adjust Kuma configuration respectively.

Last Updated: 5/12/2020, 8:55:05 PM