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Kuma has been created at Kong from the experience and feedback of 150+ enterprise organizations implementing Service Mesh and Microservices within both new and existing architectures.

Kong is and always has been a proud contributor of open-source software. That knowledge and expertise has been leveraged to open-source Kuma to the community, so that any team and any developer in the world can download and run a modern Service Mesh in production.

We also understand how critical and how important it is to have a dedicated relationship for support SLAs, implementation and customization, therefore we offer an Enterprise package that can be explored for mission-critical deployments. This package integrates with the Kong Service Control Platform to provide a full-cycle API and Microservices management platform for the entire organization.

You can explore the Enterprise offering by requesting a demo.


Kuma is an open-source product that can be downloaded and used freely in accordance to the Apache License Version 2.0.

Community is at the DNA of Kuma. It is what makes Kuma better every day by either contributing or using the product.

You can learn more about Kuma's community from the Community Page.